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Welcome to Northwest Mattress Outlet’s Official New Inventory and Blog Site. I just want to start by saying that my store no longer focuses on factory seconds inventory. I’ve hand picked a few select local manufacturers that make AMAZING mattresses. I’m staying true to my outlet name so I’m keeping all my price points under $1,000 because I understand how hard times can get. I’m passionate about getting all my customers the absolute best mattress while keeping them far below their budget. I guarantee to have the best mattress for the best price.

I’m constantly bringing in new models in an attempt to have the absolute BEST mattress possible at everyone’s specified budget, I’ll be increasing our inventory and updating our site as we grow. We’ll do our best to keep this as up to date as possible, but there is a chance we may be out of stock of certain mattresses, so please give us a call before coming in to make sure we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!

Northwest Mattress Outlet’s Blog will consist of many useful mattress buying tips, FAQ’s, and any pertinent info regarding your mattress purchase and buying decision. Feel free to comment and let us know if you’d like a subject covered or simply want more info on anything mattress related. We’re just starting this blog, so give it time and we’ll have a ton of great info up for you!


Thanks for visiting our site, any questions or comments can be directed HERE.



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  1. I need two relacement matress for my twin craftmatics I need your recommend
    were tall and large people 280 lbs but on tight buget been told I got liver cancer need to be confortable

    • Hey Judy,
      So you need 2 twin mattresses that are compatible with an adjustable base correct? Could you give me a call at 503-747-2896? It’d just be a lot easier than typing out a ton of questions and going back and forth via email. Thanks Judy!

    • Hey Jerry,
      I don’t have any short queens in stock, since I only sell 1 every 1-2 months. BUT, I have some models in my store that can be ordered in a short queen, it takes about 3-5 business days to get in fyi. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any other questions. Thanks Jerry!

    • Hey Champak,
      I don’t have any low profile twin boxes in stock fyi. But, they take around 3-5 business days to get in stock, and they are 5″ in height. Hope this helps, give me a ring or shoot me an email if you have any other questions. Thanks Champak!

    • Hey Barbara!
      I no longer carry any factory seconds :( BUT, there is a store off Greenburg and 217 that carries seconds fyi. I replaced all my seconds w/ brand new stuff that’s comparable or better at the same price points. Just got tired of the quality and “grey” area dealing w/ seconds. Hope that helps Barbara, give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any other questions :)

    • Hey Vikki,
      Yes we have king size metal frames in stock, they are $55 fyi. They have 6 legs w/ gliders, all steel. Hope this helps, thanks!

    • Hey Peter,
      I don’t have any twinXL’s in stock, however ordering takes only 3-5 business days. I just don’t sell enough to keep them on hand all the time.

    • Hey Lance,
      I really only carry a full size and twin size mattress that can be flipped. I do have a few options that I can special order that are able to be flipped, I just don’t keep them in stock. Would this be for your every night sleeper, spare bedroom, or for a kid?

    • Funny you should ask. I literally just ordered a pair for a customer that had the same issue :) So yes we do! They cost $125 for the both of them total. Give us a call if you’d like us to order them. It takes about 3-5 business days to get in fyi.

  2. I will be purchasing a Queen mattress set and bed frame this weekend with a budget in mind. What are the price ranges for Queen mattresses at your stores and what kind of warranty do you have? Also, are people able to lay on them to try out comfort? Also how does the delivery/setup system work?

    • Hey Jennifer,
      My queen sets start at $199 fyi. Delivery is $40 on anything under $599. My $199 set is my loss leader, really basic 7″ innerspring mattress. It comes w/ a 1yr. warranty. Everything else is at least a 5yr. Most are 10-15 when you get above the $299 price point. I do have 2 $299 queens sets that are pretty good mattresses. One is a firm mattress, the other is a pillowtop. I have everything here at my store for you to come and lay down on to try out. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any other questions. Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Hello,

    We are shearching for a mattress only, size 50×70 or 51×7, or any combination of those two lengths.

    Would you have Anything of that size, or close??

    Thank you,

    Melodie Lance
    Salem, Illinois

    • Hey Tiffany,
      So 2 twin box springs and 2 frames will run you $220 fyi. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any other questions. Thanks!

    • Hey Tess,
      So a full size box and frame will cost $115. We do offer delivery, it’s $40 for delivery and set up out to you. Not sure what kind of vehicle you drive, but we are always securing mattresses and boxes to our customer’s cars. So that’s an option, and we’ll do all the tying for you :)

    • Hey Jason,
      I apologize for the delayed response. This email got kicked to my spam folder. A queen box and frame will run you $139 fyi.

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